NURTURE, video triptych and live performance
AND SURRENDER, group exhibition hosted by CHANNEL at SomoS, Berlin, June 2016.

Turning the ASMR trope on its head to reveal a gentle fantasy sliding into an unsettling and ever more oppressive nightmare. NURTURE is an immersive video installation triptych that blurs the lines between power and surrender as the voyeur is exposed, making them very aware of their own gaze. In a form of expanded cinema, what is happening on screen is paralleled by the tactile and ever-present performative element of this piece. Whether this presence is construed as passive or aggressive remains undefined.

NURTURE confronts the limits of interaction and intimacy whilst challengingly raising questions about boundaries and control.

Concept and Video Direction: Amanda Parish
Video Editing: Joseph Campbell
Video Production Assistant: Lorraine Byrne
Performers: Lorraine Byrne, Edda Markus, Janine Beckingham, Johanna Merceron, Selene Ross, Sian Thorpe
Costumes: Sian Thorpe

Photos by Bea Rodrigues, Troublemakers Photography and SomoS.



Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 17.56.43P1160453P1160478andsurrender_somos_bea18andsurrender_somos_bea16P1160709andsurrender_somos_bea26andsurrender_somos_bea48andsurrender_somos_bea34andsurrender_somos_bea33


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