Amanda S. Parish is the artistic alter ego of curator Charlotte Colgate. Whose name seems more made up than her fictional self.

Born in Berlin in 2012, Amanda Parish is the practititoner bringing deliverance primarily in the form of performance, video and installation.

Parish preaches on the themes of rituals, boundaries and human interaction. Often incorporating immersive elements into her pieces.


My current works have a tendency towards the temporal and experiential, with an emphasis on an immersive experience for the viewer.

Reflecting the gaze back unto the viewer in order to question their own laws and principles is a key theme running through my practice. Blurring the boundary lines, pushing limits, personal space and the obscene or abject are concurrent topics that are reiterated throughout my work. An unsettling feeling, one of being slightly off-kilter, is also prevalent.

My work roots itself in contemporary social phenomena, building upon them in a stylised way and leaving them transfigured. Using original scripts and video footage I ensure that the viewers themselves are cast in an active role that completes the piece and fulfills its objectives. The viewer is an integral unifying element in the artistic outcome. Props and costume also play a significant role.


NURTURE  SomoS, Berlin, June 2016

Artist: Video and Live Performance piece at AND SURRENDER group exhibition

GYPSIES, TRAMPS & THIEVES  SIP, Hong Kong, October 2014

Artist & art technician: Shadow Puppet Show and festival set up at Secret Island Party Festival

HIGH TIME  WerkStadt, Berlin, May 2014

Performer: Video & Live Performance for a piece directed by Joseph Campbell

EIGHTH DAY: COME & SEE  Berlin, September 2013

Performer: Voiceover for a commercial video directed by Joseph Campbell

WORLDWIDE WEDDING  Panke, Berlin, December 2012

Performer: Live Performance with Barbara Chastity on the ritual binding of marriage

N.I.C.E. O.N.E  Centrum, Berlin, November 2012

Performer: Live Performance at the Nacht & Nebel festival in Neukölln